In this Issue we focus on how in time when economic crisis strangled Greece for around a decade, people and organisations of the city of Thessaloniki kept going on for positively changing the perspective of the city. How they kept the creative spark ignited, cultural mural strong and nurtured innovation.

As we move to the future with hope and history, these people & individuals & groups & organisations inspires us to change our perspective and help us realise that maybe our individual & group identities & identities as community & city aren't as static as we thought.

So we look to the past to inform our future, by telling the inspiring realities, from this Hidden Gem of the world. City full of beauty, chaos, history, culture, youth, energy, cuisine, diversity remarkable sea views and Halaraa lifestyle! (Greek equiv -lent of Costa Rican ¡Pura Vida! )

While it was European Youth City in 2014, it was also on Must to see city list of National Geography 2013.In its “Best of the World 2013” list, the monthly magazine said: “Although the euro crisis has caused ripples of discontentment here, it’s the century-old street markets filled with ripe fruits and barrels of fresh feta that symbolize this city. Tucked between relics of Byzantine and Ottoman antiquity are art galleries, bohemian nightclubs, and culinary hot spots, all part of a grassroots vision turned reality by Thessaloniki’s large do-it-yourself youth culture.”

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"DIY (Do It Yourself) is out of fashion nowadays and you have to embrace DIWO (Do It With Others)" says Ioanna, Eirini and Sofia, three founders of Stimmuli

Stimmuli is a nonprofit organization aiming to contribute to a more inclusive and vibrant society.

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An exclusive interview with Architect Duo, Prodromos Nikiforidis & Bernard Cuomo, the minds behind the major project of redevelopment of Nea Paralia (New Waterfront)of the city, which was reconstructed from the start and now is used everyday by thousands of local people and tourists and it is now one of the main landmark of the city.

“The local people are the ambassadors of the city. They are the ones that create the character of the city and they complete traveller's experience.”

Voula Patoulidou

P. 58

Coffee pe charcha (Discussion over the coffee) with Giorgos Toulas, one of the creative forces of the Thessaloniki, keeping the city active, informed & happening from more than three decades, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, Parallaxi magazine , Creator of Η Θεσσαλονίκη Αλλιώς

Parallaxi is one of the oldest free press magazine of the Greece with both offline and digital presence.

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Make a statement, without making a lot of noise!" says Sophia Vyzoviti, an Architect, Academic, Author of best sellers. She discusses about inspirat --ions, architecture, upcoming trends in the sector, city, youth, students and more.

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“It’s easy to live in your comfort zone and accuse the others for your situation. The hard thing is to undertake your responsibility and act.”

Dimitra Zervaki

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