Curiously inspiring the humanity's present and future by exploring hidden gems of the world.


is an independent magazine about fostering curiosity, spreading inspiration and providing empowerment to all in need especially to the students and youth communities of the Globe, while promoting lesser known second tier cities which are full of inspirations, initiatives, liveliness, creativity and diversity. With special attention to independent creativity, thinking and strong character, SIGMag features the original, the inspiring, the creatives, the heroes who shape their cities and society with new ideas or surprising perspectives, changing the way people used to think about it before them. At SIGMag we give them all space to express their ideas, share their stories, encourage curiosity and induce inspirations to an audience who might see even more connections.

SIGMag is biannual digital free press publication and is distributed to a global audience through multiple channels in a rare combination of clever and beautiful; curious and serious — all tailored to provide a inspiring focal point to the reader in this multispeed era.

People behind SIGMag


Kushal S Mehta

Contributing Editor

Kostas Champeropoulos

Design Director

Olga Giakmi


Nikolaos Kipouridis

Markos Michalatos

Thodoris Gostrofidis

Social Media

Hara Stamati

Christina Paraskevaede

Despoina Fostiropoulou


Effie Efthimiadou

Despoina Kalfoglou

Arianna Salan

Claudia Cornea


Rafail Avetisov

Abuzetun Musab


Ihab Chenine


Deependra Jaisalmeri

Vicky Karantzavelou

Dharmendra Mohta

Publishing and Distribution Network

Inaugural Edition of the Magazine will be published by Association of Social Political Reforms, India and will be distributed digitally via many different channels And is estimated to reach directly to more than 80000 people including a large portion of students, youth leader, businesses, travel organisations around the world via our various collaboration. Our main collaborator TravelDailyNews and its associate websites alone has 50000+ subscribers in more than 10 countries.